Eleições no Afeganistão

capt_kab11009180958_afghanistan_elections_kab110Daniel Markey, especialista do Council on Foreign Relations para a Índia, Paquistão e Ásia do Sul, sobre a importância das eleições de 20 de Agosto para o Paquistão:

For Pakistan, the concern has to do with basic political and military stability in Afghanistan. The election is one piece in that process. From a Pakistan perspective, an Afghanistan that returns to deep instability as it has in the past, specifically in the 1990s, would be a cause for concern for Pakistan because it would probably bring greater instability inside Pakistan. An election that works and yields a legitimate government of some kind are basic interests from a Pakistan perspective. The other side, of course, is that Pakistan would like to project its influence into Afghanistan. So to the extent that various candidates offer different potential for Pakistan to do so, Islamabad is more or less a supporter of them. Pakistanis tend to see Karzai as maybe the best of the two serious options–the other being Abdullah Abdullah–simply because he’s a known quantity and a Pashtun who has a reasonably good working relationship with the current government in Islamabad.

Ler aqui o resto da entrevista, realizada por Jayshree Bajoria. Imagem de


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