O perfil de Cathy Ashton

Swift rise of Lady Ashton

 Lady Ashton has jumped to one of the most powerful jobs in Europe, as foreign affairs chief, a year after coming to Brussels as a little-known British politician.Her rise has been marked by a mixture of steady competence, low-key charm and luck. A life peer since 1999, she worked on education and constitutional issues before becoming the Labour party’s leader in the House of Lords.

In Brussels, her crowning achievement was the initialling of a free-trade deal with South Korea amid opposition from powerful European carmakers.

Ler o resto no Financial Times.

“She had been appointed as a peer in 1999 while on a secondment to the home office. It was not until June 2007, when Gordon Brown became prime minister, that she entered the cabinet as leader of the Lords.

This gave her a useful grounding for Brussels where commissioners have to achieve consensus. Labour leaders of the Lords have had to be conciliatory figures because, unlike their Conservative predecessors, they cannot rely on a majority in the upper house to push through legislation.

Her most notable success was in pushing through the ratification of the Lisbon treaty in the face of intense Tory opposition

Ashton has made her mark in Brussels, despite early criticism that she was too junior. The trade job in the European Commission is one of the biggest foreign policy jobs in Brussels and one of the few commission posts where the incumbent negotiates on Europe’s behalf with the rest of the world in trade talks. Ashton has won admiration for her competence, thoroughness, and likability.”

Ler o resto no Guardian.

Durão Barroso, à Reuters, sobre o famoso telefone: “Henry Kissinger, when he made that remark, was secretary of state. What we usually call foreign minister in Europe. So for now there is no doubt — the secretary of state of the United States should call Cathy Ashton because she is our foreign minister,” he said.

He said “the so-called Kissinger issue is now solved.”



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