A visão negra

Chamo a atenção para um artigo de Charles Grant chamado “Israel’s Dark Vision of the World“, publicado pelo director do Centre for European Reform no blog do Guardian. Já tem dois meses, mas naturalmente mantém a actualidade. Todo ele é interessante, mas aqui reproduzo o trecho relativo à União Europeia e à sua actuação em relação a Israel.

“Could the EU, Israel’s top trading partner, and the biggest provider of aid to the Palestinian Authority, put pressure on Israel? It was planning to offer an “enhanced agreement” that would establish regular EU-Israel summits, and give Israel the right to take part in a range of EU programmes. But earlier this year the EU said it would hold up the agreement until Israel did more to alleviate the plight of Gaza. This conditionality, which annoys Israel’s leaders, might be more effective if the EU increased its offer. Why not tell the Israelis that if they forge a peace deal with the Palestinians, they could join the European Economic Area, giving Israel – like Norway and Iceland – full access to the EU’s single market?

But for now, the Europeans’ divisions over how to handle Israel weaken their credibility as a partner for it. For example earlier this month, when the UN General Assembly debated the Goldstone report – which had accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza – the EU split three ways: the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were among those voting with the US to reject the report, Britain and France led a large group of member-states into abstention, and a few others, including Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus, voted for the report.”


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