O Reino Unido tornou-se mais europeu?

Não me parece, mas há quem discorde. Nick Wright, em “Did Britain Become a bit more European on may 6th?

” (…) So will 2010 be remembered as the election where the political system finally caught up with what the voters actually want? Potentially, yes. One of the main messages that the various party leaders sought to communicate over the last month was that the UK needed a new type of politics, and the electorate seems to have taken them at their word. Against a back-drop of economic turmoil, rising unemployment and anxiety over the future, our political leaders find themselves in a position that many of their European counterparts will be only too familiar with: one where they have no choice but to talk to each other in order to govern, and to do so on the basis of consensus.

Such a change should not be dismissed as merely the politics of convenience. And while the more doom-laden predictions may yet come true that the new government is bound to collapse before its 5 years are up, with the Liberal Democrats cast into the outer darkness and two-party politics returning with a vengeance, such outcomes are not inevitable, particularly if a referendum on the Alternative Vote is successful. Like it or not – and it may indeed be anathema to many of David Cameron’s MPs as well as to significant sections of the British media – May 6th may be the day that British politics became a little more ‘European’.”

Imagem: Reuters


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