Defending a new domain: The Pentagon’s Cyberstrategy  – William J. Lynn III, na Foreign Affairs

Right now, more than 100 foreign intelligence organizations are trying to hack into the digital networks that undergird U.S. military operations. The Pentagon recognizes the catastrophic threat posed by cyberwarfare, and is partnering with allied governments and private companies to prepare itself.

It’s all too easy for Israeli rights groups to call the IDF’s bluff – Anshel Pfeffer, no Haaretz

Forty-three years of ruling another people have produced generations of Israelis incapable of seeing their neighbors as human beings.

Renewing the direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians – Shlomo Brom, para o Institute for National Security Studies

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians will be renewed on September 2, 2010 in Washington. The talks will be launched in the presence of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority President Abbas, and President Obama; also invited to the inaugural meeting are President Mubarak of Egypt, King Abdullah of Jordan, and Quartet emissary Tony Blair. After the initial meeting, the sides will proceed to direct talks, in the United States or in this region, and continue with active American involvement. A similar announcement was also issued by the Quartet. 




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