Mais indicadores de actividade terrorista na Dinamarca

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Security at possible terrorist targets stepped up

Police nationwide are on increased alert for possible terrorist attacks after yesterday’s arrest of a man in conjunction with a minor explosion in central Copenhagen.

The move, which includes additional security at Copenhagen Airport as well as possible targets, comes after investigators initially downplayed terrorism as a possible motive.

Evidence now indicates that the explosion was a failed terrorist attack, and intelligence service PET could not rule out that man taken into custody as a suspect may have had accomplices.

But Jakob Scharf, the director of PET, cautioned during a press conference today that it was ‘too early to say whether there was a connection with terrorism or other form of serious crime’.

The police have also indicated that a pistol was found at the scene of the explosion.

The suspect has refused to talk to police, but has been identified as a foreign citizen. He remains in hospital after receiving light injuries when the bomb exploded in the bathroom of a hotel near Copenhagen’s Nørreport Station, the nation’s busiest railway hub.


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