What facebook reveals (among other things)

–          Words are less and less important. Many people are no longer able to write two consecutive words without spelling mistakes, with correct punctuation, without using acronyms or symbols. If this is true for English, it is even more for people’s native languages. The use of iPhone or smartphones exacerbated this tendency, providing an apparently sufficient justification for grammar and spelling mistakes.


–          Today, to “like” is different than “to like”. It’s very easy to “like”, but actually, no one writes “I like this”, or if they do, they’re rather reproducing facebook jargon instead of expressing appreciation.


–          Facebook introduced new words in our lives, but only few (if any) of them are useful outside facebook micro-reality. Facebook makes people speak in the third person, as will be seen in the following paragraph.


–          Zadie Smith says that “a book is a person’s best self”. What’s on your mind after this? Bruno Martins says “facebook reveals relevant features of a person’s worst self”. Jealousy, greed, lust, screening through other people’s past, inner-gossiping about former high-school mates, call for attention, power games (rejecting friendship request, defriending), double life between what is posted on the wall and what is written on private messaging, flashing wealth or success in general.


–          As like in other reality shows, facebook leads people to watch other people’s voluntarily shared lives. As like in other reality shows, this should matter very little, but it nevertheless takes a lot of people’s time.


–          Twitter reduced communication to 140 characters, including spaces. In twitter, like in Miles Davis’ solos, space counts. Facebook greatly reduced interaction to a click in a thumb-up logo. Here, like in life in general, time counts, and precious facebook time should be saved by “liking” instead of commenting.


–          Facebook reveals what kind of public figure people would be if they were a public figure.


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