Israel olha para a crise

Gideon ROSE: Do the Israelis view this as an attempt by the Obama administration to force Netanyahu to do something that will disrupt his coalition and make the government fall?

Ehud YAARI: Absolutely so. I think that the sense in Israel right now — and as I said, the prime minister is just about to land — is that Mr. Netanyahu and Barak — and it’s very important that he took with him the defense minister because he wanted to reassure President Obama that he is indeed talking about a two-state solution; that he is bringing his closest ally, the defense minister who was the man who made the proposals at Camp David 2000. But instead, he was presented by what is perceived at the moment, at least now, as a bend or break, with demands that are very difficult for him to accept.

Now, if the American moves are generated by the wish to see a different government in Israel, then I have to say that, number one, I don’t think that the Netanyahu coalition is about to disintegrate; and number two, I do not think that Kadima Party, Mrs. Livni, who seems to be viewed more favorably in Washington, that is going to join — to join the coalition anytime soon. And if it did — coalition (break down ) — and we go to early elections, I can assure you — and I’ll take the responsibility for that — that the right wing will win.

Entrevista para a Foreign Affairs de Gideon Rose a Ehud Yaari, Lafer International Fellow no Washington Institute for Near East Policy.


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