“Debating EU Approaches to Fighting Terrorism: a Role for CSDP?”

Amanhã o Egmont Institute organiza uma mesa-redonda destinada a discutir a abordagem da UE à luta contra o terrorismo e a possível contribuição da Política Comum de Segurança e Defesa, expandida pelo Tratado de Lisboa e com um foco interessante em questões de terrorismo. Abaixo segue o programa.

Debating EU Approaches to Fighting Terrorism: A Role for CDSP?


Egmont Institute, Rue de Namur 69, Brussels

9 June 2010

The conceptualisation and implementation of CSDP along the last years developed in parallel with a concern, within the EU, about the importance of terrorism and the need to use all available resources to address it. According to this, and since 2001, ESDP was repeatedly mentioned in all EU framework documents related with terrorism. Yet, EU missions, CSDP’s main operational tool, have not been used to pursue counter-terrorist objectives.

While trying to understand the way the EU security system responds to terrorism, this round-table aims at providing food for thought on this issue and especially on which foreign policy tools can be used to address the external dimension of counter-terrorism. How does inter-institutional co-operation act in practical terms, and which difficulties does this co-ordination face? Considering CSDP’s civ-mil nature, its contribution to reach counter-terrorism goals could be valuable, as attested by the new wording of the Petersberg Tasks in the Lisbon Treaty. Against this background, which should be the relevant capabilities to address terrorism within CSDP?

 10.15–10.30    Reception & Coffee

10.30–11.00    Introduction: Is there a role for CSDP in fighting terrorism?

Bruno Oliveira Martins, University of Minho

Alistair Millar, Center for Global Counterterrorism Cooperation

Chair: Sven Biscop, Egmont

11.00–12.00    Discussion


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